Orange Ginger Chicken
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: lunch, dinner
Cuisine: Chinese
Serves: 4-6
  • 2 lbs chicken (I used 1½. There will be enough sauce for 2 lbs)
  • 3 T. cornstarch or flour
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 T. canola, peanut or other neutral oil
  • 1-2 tsp grated fresh ginger
  • 1 10 oz jar of just fruit orange marmalade
  • 1 T. Rice wine vinegar
  1. Place the corn starch or flour in a zip lock bag for dredging
  2. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and toss with salt
  3. Put chicken pieces in the baggie with corn starch or flour and shake until even coated
  4. Heat the oil in a large non stick skillet over med/high heat until shimmering.
  5. Cook the chicken in one layer until lightly browned and cooked through 2-3 mins per side. You will need to cook the chicken in batches.
  6. Remove the chicken from the pan and reserve. Wipe out any burned bits in the pan.
  7. Reduce heat to low, and add the marmalade, 1 tsp of the ginger and the rice wine vinegar
  8. whisk until combined.
  9. Taste to see if you want more ginger and/or more salt
  10. Make it sweeter by adding more rice wine vinegar or a tsp of honey
  11. Add the cooked chicken pieces to the sauce and toss to coat.
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